Visual Arts

At Real Life Christian Academy, we have a wonderful visual arts program that teaches about the arts, providing students with the opportunity to experiment with a wide variety of mediums to creatively express themselves.

Students in lower school study artists and various forms of art in class. Then, each student creates a piece of art in the style of the artist studied. For example, first graders learn about Picasso and how he drew. They then make their own personal “Picasso.” Hands-on activity is a much more effective way to learn a number of skills, they also use their imagination to create and gain knowledge about an amazing artist in history.

Upper school students continue to build upon the broad foundation of art knowledge they have established. Our teachers instruct in technique and theory, then guide students in using these tools and techniques to develop something special and personal to each individual.

Annually RLCA hosts an art fair at which students can display their work. Our talented students also participate in the ACSI regional art competition and have received recognition and awards for their artwork.