National History Day

In 2017, RLCA embarked on an extraordinary journey by joining the prestigious National History Day competition. What began as a tentative step with a school History Fair and county-level participation soon transformed into a stunning success story that defied all expectations. Though our inaugural year was our first foray, the results were nothing short of astounding. A wave of victory swept through as our students seized an astonishing fifty percent of the County Level awards. This triumph has since become the hallmark of RLCA’s presence in the competition.

Our students, categorized as Juniors (7th and 8th Grade) or Seniors (9th-12th grade), embraced the challenge in various forms, either as individuals or in tight-knit teams. Their creative energies materialized in diverse formats—be it captivating physical presentations, compelling documentaries, immersive web pages, or engaging performances.

The top two students in each category at the school History Fair compete at the County. First and Second place winners at the County Level will compete at the State Level. This competition is held in Tallahassee. First and Second place compete at the National Competition in Washington DC.

RLCA has had three teams compete in Washington DC and two 3rd place winners (runner-ups) at the State Level. Additionally, we’ve won “Best in Show” in 6 of the 7 Years we’ve competed at the County Level. Pictures from the 2023 Competition. One of our students won best in show at Lake County. At the State competition, three of our students won 3rd Place.