Social Media Submission

  • RELEVANT CONTENT ONLY: Make sure everything you submit is timely and relevant to our audience. 
  • SUBMIT YOUR OWN CONTENT: Your article must be authored by you. Plagiarism is not tolerated. (Do not submit an article written by anyone other than yourself under you) 
  • EDIT YOUR WORK: Your article should be thoroughly copyedited for grammar, spelling, and usage. While the substance of our content may be global, the preferred standard for grammar/spelling is American English. We reserve the right to edit titles for clarity, style, or SEO purposes, and we may also make minimal edits to the body of your post for brevity or clarity. If you have smart ideas but share something that is not edited, most likely our team will not have the time to edit and will pass on this piece.
  • NO SALES PITCHES: We do not accept content that is promotional or commercial in nature. You’re welcome to add in links that are relevant to the article, but we do not post sales content.
  • NO SPAM: No drop links or spammy links. We do accept (and encourage) high-quality and relevant links, but any links that aren’t informational in nature will be removed without notice.
  • EXPLAIN YOUR IDEAS: We don’t want any vague content that doesn’t really add value. Make sure to give as many examples and explanations as you can to make the article juicy and beneficial to the reader.
  • ALL CONTENT: All content will be subject to post or not by the administer